The Story of the Sonic

The original Sonic was designed in 2007 with the goal to create the best allround racing canoe suited best for european Racing. It should combine the best flatwaterspeed and glide with effortless surfing. Also a well designed cockpit for best ergonomy and comfort was priority.

We started with a vey narrow Hull and relatively low rocker, as we knew this ist he best for Flatwaterspeed. From this point we started to work on volume distribution and different Rockerprofiles. After a several Prototypes later we had a design, that was way above the initial expectations. Also the result oft the designingprogress of the cockpit brought the desired result of comfortable seatposition, but also ergonomicaly perfect to transfer your stroke into boatspeed.

The canoe proved to  be a winner, by taking victories in all the major Events in Europe.

Althrogh it was a very successfull design, after 5 years it was time to make some improvements. Changes were made among others with a narrower Bow, increased Reserve-Volume, refined Rockerline, a new Steeringsystem and a new Ama. With all the modifications the canoe excelled in every aspect; it glides better, it picks up little Bumps better and surfs like a dream.

The Sonic suits best for the heavier Paddler 85kg+

Fort he lighter paddler under 85kg we added the Sonic LV (Low Volume)


Sonic Features

  • Beam Over All:  41 cm
  • Lengths Over All:   640 cm 
  • Hull Weight:  8,5-11,5 kg
  • Anodized Aluminium Iakos
  • Carbon Foot Pedals
  • Custom Foam Seat
  • Front and Rear Bungee Storage
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Different Rudder Options


  • Simle Custom Design
  • Solid colors, two color fades.
  • Limitations: no black or fades on the Hull, no clear coat, three color maximum
  • Complex Custom Design
  • additional cost, depending on the complexity of the Design