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Outrigger Canoe Race

NALU Canoes was founded in 2007 by Marton Buday.

He was born into a paddling family, so it was only natural that he would follow in their footsteps. He was particularly enthusiastic in watersports, with a concentration on paddling and racing. In sprint canoeing and Dragonboat, he won multiple national, European, and international medals.

Apart from paddling, surfing had a big effect on him, and when he was exposed to outrigger canoeing, he thought he had found the best of both worlds. He enjoyed traveling and racing across the world, and after a few trips to Hawaii, where he competed in both big Molokai Races, the Molokai Solo and the Molokai Hoe, he was captivated by the Outrigger canoeing culture.

The next step for him as a technically inclined person was to design and build his own canoe.
He has the know-how to do it correctly and assemble the finest possible structure using high-tech materials and state-of-the-art techniques as a technical product designer in Composite Engineering, working on projects in the fields of Aerospace and Motorsports. He actively participates in ocean paddling races as a designer, developer and racer.



To achieve 100% accuracy in the tooling and, eventually, the outrigger canoes, all items OC1 & OC2 are developed, produced, and manufactured utilizing cutting-edge computer software and technology.

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Now available. Designed and assembled by Marton Buday.


Structured in layers: High quality marine 2K paint |  Unidirectional prepreg carbon

OC1 Outrigger Canoe


Unidirectional prepreg carbon fiber fabric is a type of carbon reinforcement that is non-woven and features all fibers running in a single, parallel direction. It is pre impregnated with resin in an computer controlled process. With this style of fabric, there are no gaps between fibers, and those fibers lay flat. There is no cross-section weave that divides the fiber strength in half with another direction. This allows for the concentrated density of fibers that provide maximum longitudinal tensile potential greater than any other weave of fabric.

High density  PVC Foam  is used for the core between the carbon layers. It provides stiffness and durability in a lightweight sandwich structure. It’s closed-cell structure that makes it impervious to water.

Outrigger Canoes OC1, OC2

High quality 2K marine paint provides 100% UV protection and superior scratch and chemical resistance.


Experience an outrigger canoe

All products are designed, engineered and manufactured using the latest computer software and machinery to ensure 100% accuracy in the tooling and later on the canoes.

A computer-controlled cutting machine is used to precut all materials.

Following lamination, the molds are vacuum-bagged and placed in autoclaves, which use three times the air pressure and heat to cure the boats.
This results in a superior bonding between the layers, resulting in a light, sturdy, and dependable structure.

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